Big Sky Bird Rescue

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​​Big Sky Bird Rescue Inc. was formed October 10, 2013; the next month, we applied to the Internal Revenue Service for 501(c)(3) status as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.  The IRS granted our application in July 2014.

We filed our applications for a state of Montana and federal migratory bird rehabilitation permits. We received our permits from both the state and  Federal Fish and Wild Live agencies to rehabilitate songbirds at our facility.


BIG SKY BIRD RESCUE (BSBR) HAS HAD A VERY BUSY YEAR IN 2015. We have rescued, rehabilitated and released over 300 birds this past year.

Many of our referrals come from Montana Raptor Conservation Center and also from Bozeman police, Humane Society and Fish Wildlife and Parks and several Veterinary clinics in SW Montana

​Average duration of rehabilitation is 6 weeks


We purchased and customized a large shed to house some of the larger birds and store our supplies.

We developed a “bear incident prevention plan” and further customized the shed to keep birds and bears separate! This involved installing window grates on the shed and installing an electric fence around it.

We created a room inside the residence where birds needing intensive care can be examined and housed.

We have continued to purchase both portable and large “permanent” cages to meet the demand of the wide variety of birds we accept.

We installed full spectrum lighting to create a healthy environment for the birds to recover.