Big Sky Bird Rescue

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•Our facility is located in Gallatin Gateway, Montana at a private residence on 20 wooded acres. The property is

frequented by wild life and many species of song birds.

•We have three main treatment areas and share office space, kitchen , bathroom , laundry and garage storage area with the
residence.  The three treatment areas consist of:

          –Quiet room "ICU" – an indoor, quiet, temperature controlled room where initial exams and treatment are conducted, and birds who need to be isolated or receive 24 hour care are housed.  This area is located inside the residence.

          -Free Flight Room - home to our surrogate birds and birds that need a less restrictive environment and socialization with other birds of compatible species.  All birds have their own enclosures and feeding is offered in the enclosure as well as on a room wide basis.  This area is located in the residence, is temperature controlled, and is equipped with full-spectrum lighting.

          –Large Bird Shed- A 12’ by 28’ building enclosed by bear proof fencing is used to house larger birds and birds requiring minimal human contact.  Half of the shed is walled off to allow free flight and the other half has numerous cage sites to accommodate a wide range of birds in rehabilitation.

•A large flight cage is needed for the flight rehabilitation of large corvids; ravens, crows and magpies.  We will have
a fund raising event this winter to raise the funds needed to build the flight cage.

•Our facilities are not open to the public.  State and Federal permitting agencies discourage exposure of the birds to unnecessary human contact.  Limited tours can be arranged based on objective of visit.

•In the long term, Big Sky Bird Rescue hopes to find a larger facility in the community to support the anticipated
growth in the need for our services.