This Ancient murrelet made it all the way to Montana after huge storms in Seattle blew him off-course

Juvenile Nighthawks injured during fall migration

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Killdeer orphans

What We Do

Northern Flicker, female, hit by car

Two-week-old mountain bluebirds

Big Sky Bird Rescue (BSBR) is a non-profit organization which rescues, rehabilitates, and releases injured, sick, or orphaned wild birds.  We provide essential care, nutrition, and shelter for wild bird species found in the Big Sky area.  Our goals are to successfully return birds to their natural environment and to fulfill our community's demand for rehabilitation services for the more than 400 native bird species of Montana.

Some of Our Patients

Rosy finch caught in Christmas tinsel

Post op raven with a broken wing

Our Mission

Big Sky Bird Rescue

Big, beautiful Raven

Sparrow fledgling

Hungry (and grumpy) baby robins

Adult raven with gunshot wound

Nest of young magpies

Orphaned finch nestlings

taking a much needed nap

Canada Gosling found wandering alone on a busy road

Male Western Tanager, window strike

  • We accept wild songbirds (passerines) and can assist in finding help for other types of wild birds.  If you have found an injured or orphaned bird(s), please call us immediately at (908) 248-1477 or (406) 993-9303. 

  • If the bird you've found is a raptor (bird of prey,) please call the MRCC at (406) 585-1211.

  • We are a small, volunteer organization, we appreciate your help with transporting birds to BSBR in Big Sky, Montana.